Wednesday, February 29, 2012

...the way animals are treated

The greatness of a nation can be judged by
the way its animals are treated. 
Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington, with my friend, Denise.

Everyone is passionate about something!
Recently I sent an email to my friend, Denise Matson, who now lives in Seattle.  We became buddies in Memphis.  And, I was curious:  Why would an anesthesiologist by trade now be spending her days at the Animal Shelter?   This is how she explained it…
 “Well, I've always had pets during my life, been around all sorts of animals growing up living in a rural area.  My grandfather was a dog breeder and had many champions in the AKC dog shows.
I always knew I wanted to make a difference, and with vet school being nearly impossible to get into. I went to medical school instead. My heart wasn't happy though, and I spent my spare time working with various rescue groups, one at a time fostering or finding homes for lost or abandoned pets.

When I moved to Seattle – the friendliest pet city I've ever been to— I found my true calling when I got a job at the animal shelter. I have been so proud of the work they do and the tirelessness and selflessness (if those are words!) of so many at the organization. Everyday there is an uplifting moment, when a life-saving surgery was done and that pet is doing great....when you are tending to a cat's basic needs and they give you that content look.

The work isn't glamourous but everyone who works there is a star in a dog's eye when they are warm, fed, cared for and loved.   A wagging tail on a dog who was downtrodden upon arrival… a purr from an older cat who was abandoned for just giving a pat on the head… a paw place over your hand as you are picking out just the right toy for this kitty.

Even finding my own dog there to adopt, has added such joy to my life, and while I have a small role, the little things each day make a big difference to those who have had nothing."

Well said, Denise.  Thank you!

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