Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wild about...wicker???

Soane Ripple Console Table

Last weekend, I was in Florida visiting family.  On Sunday, for 11 hours, the Tallahassee Regional Airport was my home.... and THAT was before they decided to cancel the flight.   Grumble!

Trying to search for a silver lining, there WAS plenty of time to read magazines.  Six to be exact... cover to cover.   In addition to helping the bottom line of Hearst Publishing company this month, I realized that one topic seemed to be in abundance..... wicker.

A definition is probably in order.  Wicker is a "hard woven fiber" that can be made into "baskets and furniture," and wicker furniture "has been documented as far back as ancient Egypt."  Wikipedia.

Wicker is the decorating equivalent of cilantro... you either love it or you hate it!  I happen to really like it.

Several years ago, David Jimenez's home in Kansas City was the blog buzz.  He used banana leaf chairs from Storehouse with a Pottery Barn pedestal table and a Ralph Lauren chesterfield sofa in his breakfast room.  The room was spectacular, and those banana leaf chairs kept the space from looking too fussy. 

Just before Storehouse went out of business, I found a couple of those chairs in Raleigh.  Very excited............ until I tried to sit in one of them.  Sadly, they were some seriously uncomfortable little bastards; pretty but not practical!

So, I went on the search of a similar look for my sunroom....something woven or wicker, comfortable, traditional lines, with an updated silhouette.  Pottery Barn to the rescue.

Pottery Barn Seagrass Wingback

Two of those seagrass wingbacks currently reside in my sunroom.  They are delightful AND comfortable.  This photo is from Christmas... wasn't in the mood to straighten all of the magazines that are currently on that ottoman.  HA.  But, you get the idea.

Sunroom, chez moi

So, with the current wicker discussion, throw away those old attitudes about your grandmother's wicker patio furniture and give it a second look. 

Soane Britain is responsible for that great console at the top of the page.  Loved the idea of that console and thought that it was just a grand idea.... until I saw the price.  $9000.  Really?????  Ok, that's nuts.  Let's look around for a few other examples.

Wicker chairs always look great in dining rooms and breakfast rooms. 

Wicker side chairs in an informal dining area

Note to self:  $49 million dollar house in the Hamptons.  Bet that those little wicker chairs are expensive.  Just a sneaky suspicion.    So, maybe this is a litle more budget friendly. 


Another great example from Lonnymag is to use them in a more formal space to "lighten it up."   Wicker framed chairs look great in this formal living room. 

 Wicker is great for outdoor furniture, too.  In addition to the usual natural fibers, synthetic wickers are resistant to the elements and can be stylish for years. 

Traditional wicker sofa

Montauk Nest Chair

Chaise lounge from Manutti

Apple shaped outdoor wicker by Skyline

Alseda wicker stool and pouff

Wicker porch sofa

 Wicker can also be used for great accent pieces in the home.  Tray tables or antique baskets can bring lots of character and texture to indoor spaces. 

Butler's tray table

 Antique picnic basket

Woven materials are great.  They can be comfortable AND stylish.  So... don't be a wicker hater!!!   {Wink}

Happy wkend.  


  1. What makes most wicker chairs/sofas comfortable is the thick cushions which don't last. But then you get to change color schemes. Tired of one color get a new one

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