Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Upholstered Headboards

Wesport Bed from Williams-Sonoma Home

My dear friend, Josie, has been talking about upholstered headboards for several months.  Personally, I think that it is a bad idea... she has a cat and I have visions of acute anaphylaxis from kitty fur.  {Did I mention that I really hate cats; they make me itch.}  Regardless, she seems to be set on the idea.

When considering upholstered headboards, there are options galore.  And, the first decision to make regards SHAPE. 

Or, another way to ponder the question:  Are you looking for something that is rectangular and simple or curvy and Jessica-rabbit-esque?

Great room and that zig-zag rug is amazing...

...dramatic, n'est ce pas?

After discussing it, she wants a headboard that is fairly flat and straight across the top. 

OK.   Next question:  SIZE. 

In this case, size does matter.  Ha!   Upholstered headboards range from fairly standard proportions to those that are absolutely massive.  Consider...

Check out the size of that beasty headboard

Holy headboard, Batman! 

Better scaled to the size of the bed... but white?  We can find something better.  Mmmmmm, hello.... that mirrored nightstand is beautiful.

Simple and tasteful... and certainly NOT oversized.  But, I'm bored.

Moving right along.... HEADBOARD alone or HEADBOARD - FOOTBOARD combination?
Beautiful idea but she isn't going to like the shape.
Pondicherry headboard in chalk stripe from Serena and Lily

Green upholstered headboard from Sarah Richardson

Stunning bed.... awful pricepoint:  $14,000. 
Persia bed in antique gold and black leather from Ralph Lauren

Avignon Bed from Arhaus Furniture.  Upholstered bed with Indonesian Mindi wood AND nailhead. 

THAT'S pretty... boring as grits... but pretty!
Mara bed with pewter nailhead from Ballard Designs

And, the choices go on and on.  FABRIC... simple, patterned, raffia, leather? 

Wonder if the fabric on that headboard is scratchy??????

Pattern overload.... especially with the upholstered platform. 
Norfolk, VA

That's better.... Sometimes LESS is MORE.

Love this one... Colors are fantastic.

...great tufted headboard in a very small space

THAT is one sexy bed!  Chesterfield leather sleigh bed from Restoration Hardware. 

And, there are still more choices!   Tufted, non-tufted.  Plain or nailhead trim.  Sleigh-bed style.   YIKES....

So, knowing my buddy, Josie, and considering her guest bedroom, here are some upholstered headboard candidates for her persual. 

Chambery bed from Back to Bed.  Those bed linens are just dreadful... but the headboard looks good.  And, the height of the headboard is adjustable.  Price:  $619.

Sutton Bed from Williams-Sonoma Home.  Great lines and simple nailhead.  Price:  $1350

Helaine or Nina Bed from Mitchel Gold and Bob Williams.  Wonder if she will remember our shopping adventure in DC when I took this photo?  Price:  $2440

Belgian Slipcovered bed from Restoration Hardware.  Price:  $1019

I like the shape of this bed, but it is LOW.... Wyatt Bed from Room&Board.   Price:  $1299.

Marlo Bed from Room&Board.  Price:  $1599.

Warner Bed from Restoration Hardware.  Price:  $2400

Isabel from Ethan Allen.  Price:  $749

Just look at that chicken over the bed!  Headboard by Candice Olson.   Price:  $2600

This is MY favorite!  Lorraine Tufted Headboard from Pottery Barn.
Tall (68inches) but not gargantuan.  Stylish without being over-the-top.  Tufted without nailhead.... no need to overdo a good thing.  And, the price is fantastic:  $799

I'll let you know if she ever makes a decision!  Ha.   Happy Tuesday.  


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