Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chicken feathers

Bedroom from Serena & Lily catalog
Ever had one of those.... "I told you so" days?
In 2008, my destination was the Windy City for a business meeting.  Don't be impressed with my recollection of the date... I looked at the time stamp on a digital photo from that Chicago trip.  Anyway, while shopping (just off) North Michigan Ave, a store display featured a red African Feathered Headdress. 
Not certain if I screamed with delight or needed a quick round of CPR to revive me... nevertheless... it was love at first chicken feather!
So, like on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," I  phoned a friend. 
After our discussion, she was convinced that I had lost my mind!  I believe the rhetorical question was:  "What in the Hell are you going to do with THAT?"
Fast forward about four years.  And, yes, I realize that this has been a previous topic on this blog (February 2012)... but work with me!
After the departure of my weekend visitors, my perch was on a patio chair with a stack of magazines beside me.  Completely unamused by most of the recent home magazines, my focus became catalogs.  In the newest Serena & Lily, one of their room designs displays.... wait for it and a drum roll please.... A BIG OLE CHICKEN above the bed. 
Not only have those little Bamileke headdresses been featured in Elle Decor in the home of George Stephanopoulos and his wife Ali Wentworth in DC....
...but, they are also in the newest style "trend" in none other than Neiman Marcus.

HA!   ..... told you that I wasn't crazy.    

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