Saturday, May 26, 2012

Farm fresh...

One of my best friends sent me a text this afternoon.  And, then an e-mail.  Hmmmm... what is she up to on this Memorial Day weekend????

Well... she is in the process of purchasing this charming home that is photographed above.  This little southern beauty is about 145 years old, has a gold fish pond in the back yard, and enough character for half-a-dozen homes.  And, she asked for my help making it look like something out of the pages of Southern Living. 

Absolutely.  When do we start????  It IS always more fun to spend someone else's money.  {Giggle}

OK, down to business. 

The home is probably best described as a farmhouse.  And, that can be a good thing or a bad thing.  When done well, they are spectacular.  When done poorly... well... they are AWFUL!

Why?  The problem is that people take the design too literally.  Living in a farmhouse doesn't mean that you need to buy gobs of gingham.  Just say, NO. 

Looking to others for inspiration is never a bad thing.  Fortunately, a couple of years ago on HGTV, Sarah Richardson and her side kick, Tommy Smythe, rehabilitated a farmhouse in Canada.  It wasn't cheap but... wow!  The end result was impressive -- giving homage to "farm life" without being totally predictable.  Maybe we can borrow a few ideas. 

Sarah Richardson and her family in the foyer of her farmhouse.

The closets with the red doors were added to the space for storage.  Then, Sarah and Tommy found that great chest to use between them.  While this room is undoubtedly country, the rest of the house has a more urbane feel.

This living room IS amazing... I love almost everything about it! 

Who says that you can't have grass cloth wallpaper in a farmhouse?  It looks fantastic.

Industrial appliances, marble countertops, and a yellow island.   The room certainly doesn't scream farmhouse....

The polka dot vinyl on the chairs was chosen to be kid proof, and the stairs were painted to help the kids learn to count.  Why not?

The wallpaper, above that massive amount of bead board, is a pheasant mofit... and a great little touch of color in the dining room.  And, those antique corbels are a clever way to help define the space. 

Not exactly what you would expect in a farmhouse bedroom.  That's why it is perfect.

The yellow claw foot tub and yellow curtains are certainly cheerful.  Yellow... but cheerful. 

Quilts and carpets are a great way to "remember" the history of the home without being too stuffy... especially if you include a crazy red lacquered chair. 

That is a big a$$ headboard.  The design of it is fun... but, I'm not so sure that I would have picked those colors.

The master bedroom is one of my favorite spaces.  Green tufted loveseat, orange lamps, yellow pillows, oriental rug, great curtains, and that amazing four-poster bed.  Two thumbs up!

Hopefully, this will give us some ideas. 

I'm so excited for my friend and her new purchase.   And, I'm excited that I get to help!