Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Faux bois

Stunning "fake wood" table with glass top

Was in Atlanta this weekend on business.  After visiting some of the antique and design stores in Midtown - notably those on Bennett Street - the first thing that came to mind was:  "What is old is new, again."

In this case, faux bois.  It WAS everywhere!  From Arhaus at Phipps Plaza to Interiors Market on Bennett Street, "fake wood" was in abundance in Hotlanta. 

Ok, perhaps a definiton is in order.  Faux bois, the French term for fake wood, refers to the artistic re-creation of wood or wood grains in various media.... thank you, Wikipedia.  It has been around since, at least, the late 1800s.  And, by all accounts, it appears to be making a big comeback.


Michael Aram, an Armenian graphic designer and creator of an increasingly popular line of home accessories, probably summed it up best.  "No room is complete without a little nature inspiration." 

Bark vases in polished aluminum from Michael Aram.

And, yes, there are scads of ways to bring a little nature into our homes without a trip to that traffic jungle of Atlanta. 

Who needs a plain ole table lamp when you can have one that looks like a tree?

Faux bois lamps from Z Gallerie

Faux bois walls, when done well, can be a charming accent to a room.  But, be careful to NOT overdo a good thing. 

Faux bois "plank walls" in an absolutely charming study

Faux bois bedroom wallpaper and....one helluva headboard!

OK... truth be told.  Though I like those two photos from Elle Decor, perhaps we need to start with baby steps.  How 'bout a table???  I have always loved the idea of white resin faux bois tables.... 
Me likes... alot... faux bois table in resin from Kaboodle

Or, maybe a little bigger table....

But, this is still my favorite... faux bois but NOT overdone...

Did you know that faux bois tree limbs could be a room divider??????

Or, what about a false wood inspired rug??????  It can be a "good thing."
Faux bois rug from Martha Stewart

 Not sold on the idea of an area rug, what about a mirror????
Faux bois mirror from Wisteria.

Ok, perhaps a less expensive alternative would be votive holders!  Faux bois IS everywhere...

This is my favorite idea.... faux bois ceiling.  Not too pushy!   Not "in your face."  But, beautifully done.
Check out the ceiling.  Fantastic!

So, channel your inner tree limb and embrace, faux bois!

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