Friday, April 6, 2012

Art Imitates Life

Art imitates life
Jumping Through Hoops 
Artist, unknown.  Media, marble and wrought iron.

Because of an unusually brilliant sunset at the office this evening, my favorite sculpture on the stacked sideboard was behaving like a shadow puppet.  Grabbing my phone to take the photo, I began to smile.  The sculpture, “Jumping Through Hoops,” was a birthday present to myself, purchased at the Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC. 

The award-winning Fearrington House Inn
I vividly remember the evening… the unexpected arrival of friends for dinner, the introduction to the Fearrington’s Oreo goats, and the acquisition of that poetically insightful piece of art.  It was my 40th birthday...

Despite a lifelong appreciation of three-dimensional art, during all of those years of Plastic Surgery training, I hardly had time to watch the news, go to the dry cleaners, or scratch my butt.  As a result, my admiration had been put on an indefinite hold!

Then, about 10 years ago, I decided to skip the afternoon sessions at a meeting.  My brain was tired and I needed to get outside.  Walking down Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Rodin Museum caught my eye.  Who knew?  The biggest collection of Rodin outside of France is in…. Philadelphia.

The Thinker greeted me at the Gate….
The Thinker by Auguste Rodin at The Rodin Museum
 Philadelphia, PA
Since that chance encounter with the mastery of Rodin’s works, my love of art and sculpture was reignited. 
A few years later at a conference in Las Vegas, my tickets had finally been delivered for “O” at the Bellagio.  Inside the “O” Theater lobby, a room with a spectacularly vaulted ceiling, houses…The Art of Richard MacDonald.  Life-sized bronzes inspired by the Cirque du Soleil characters adorned the space.  The experience was magnificent and surreal.
Blind Faith by Richard MacDonald at the entrance to the "O" Theater
Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Over the years since, my natural inclination while traveling has been to head for the museums and sculpture gardens.  A few other examples include:

The Last Conversation Piece by Juan Munoz at the Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden
Washington, DC

The Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, NY

Gyre by Thomas Sayre at North Carolina Museum of Art's Museum Park
Raleigh, NC

The Winged Victory of Samothrace at Louvre Museum
Paris, France

So, why do we love art?  Why do I love art??
Well, maybe it is beauty for the sake of beauty?  Perhaps it is seeing the world from another perspective?  Or, maybe it is understanding that art can imitate life?
“Jumping Through Hoops” described my life at the time - symbolic of those years of hard work and paying my proverbial dues.  Today, having THAT demonstrated in a piece of art... still amazes me!

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