Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Today is Earth Day... and, in the South, it is a very rainy Earth Day.  Hence, I am sitting at my computer.  With so much information available, there must be a happy medium between eco-friendliness and full-blown tree hugger status. 

We all know that protecting the environment is important, but it really isn't the first thing on my mind while waiting for a morning cup of coffee.  But, the environment IS important!  The question becomes:  How do we make earth friendly choices easier for people so that they are not an unfortunate afterthought?

Perhaps, we all can't work in LEED certified buildings like the Hearst Tower in NYC.

Hearst Building in New York

And, we may not all be able to plant a sustainable garden on our roof tops like some have done in Chicago.

Chicago City Hall

But, we can all make a few changes.  Consider those cussed plastic bags from the grocery store.  Those little suckers are just environmentally evil.  It is estimated that there are enough plastic grocery bags discarded each year to cover the state of Texas.  Now really.... we can do better.  Reusable bags are the best way to go.  Buy a couple at your favorite store... and they are usually cheap!

Just say NO... plastic grocery bags.

Inside the home, there are lots of clever ways to "go green."  And, no, I will NOT discuss those ugly little compact fluorescent light bulbs.  Consider furniture... giving new life to an old piece of furniture definitely lessens the amount of waste in our landfills.

Chair makeover... BEFORE

 and... AFTER.

Another thought would be to reuse items in unexpected ways.  Take for instance this light fixture... made from recycled coffee filters.  It might be a little too DIY for my short attention span, but the idea is great!

Speaking of coffee, according to an article on MSN, Americans used 23 BILLION paper coffee cups in 2010.  Yikes... that is 9.4 million trees.  So, how about getting a reusable coffee cup?

Finally, when purchasing new items for the home, consider low VOC paints, upholstered items with soy-based cushions, and items made from sustainable materials.   Today's "Apartment Therapy" blog lists several great resources. 

Furniture from Lee Industries

Remember, it IS Earth Day.... take a few small steps to be kind to our planet.  

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