Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Something's missing

"....it just ain't quite right!"
Beautiful low country home near Savannah, GA
Have you ever visited a home, hotel, or business, and noticed that something was just.... off?

Recently, some friends were hosting a party at their new home.... a low country-inspired house.  The grounds were lovely, the workmanship was superb, and the details were amazing.  But, something was missing. 

For me... the furnishings and interior space didn't match my expectations. 

Allow me to elaborate by way of example.

Consider the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Asheville, NC.  This hotel is one of my favorites, and I always stay there when traveling to the mountains to visit family.  What I love about it is that the decor matches the name... quirky and bohemian. 
 Lobby, Grand Bohemian Hotel, Asheville, NC

Guest room, Grand Bohemian, Asheville, NC

What about the Ritz Carlton Central Park in New York?  An expectation of lovely appointed rooms with views of the park are most certainly delivered.... though I have had one room in that hotel with a view of a wall (teach me to search for a bargain online).  
Central Park Suite, Ritz Carlton, New York

If thinking about friends' homes, nothing says Josie like her sideboard... in this photo, all dressed up for a baby shower.  It is well-collected, quirky, and there are always some tree limbs.  But, it IS what I expect from my BFF.
Josie's dining room, Charlotte, NC

So, the interior in this new home was "off" for me.... Which brings up the question:  What should low country style depict??????

Historically, Southern architecture was born out of necessity prior to the days of air conditioning.  Elevated houses with large wrap around porches and high ceilings were used to help "cool" the homes during our dreadfully hot summers.

Inside, the homes are delightfully livable with hand-selected antiques and estate pieces utilized to create a statement and add character to the space.

Perhaps, my expectations should have been checked at the door.  This new space was minimalist while my expectation was for that traditionally collected look with some updated elements.... like the following:

Parlor, photo from Charleston Home magazine

Guest room, Planters Inn, Charleston, SC

 A well appointed screened porch

Outdoor dining space, Charleston, SC

Traditional low country kitchen

Southern dining room featured by One Kings Lane

Living room for 32 LeGare Street, Charleston, SC

I guess that my problem is, "truth in advertising."   Low country homes immediately connotate a specific ideal for Southerners.  Unfortunately, when they fail to deliver on some of those key expectations, the results can be a disappointment. 

One could certainly argue that I'm 'nitpicking' a beautiful home.  Furthermore, since I don't live there, who cares what I think?   But, just as with this blog... that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!

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