Friday, June 1, 2012

Backsplash bonanza

"Mission Makeover,"  HGTV Magazine, June/July 2012

Was having dinner with my buddy, Suzi, earlier this week.  She is buying this amazing farmhouse and we were talking about kitchen rehab.  The kitchen in her new home is functional with good bones.  Fortunately, it is NOT a gut job; she is just considering some cosmetic changes.

The cabinets are white and the appliances are stainless steel.  Woo hoo... we are off to a good start.  However... the counters are dated, the backsplash is missing, and the center island needs a tweak.  Then again, what do you expect?  The house IS well-over 100 years old.

In the current issue of HGTV Magazine, the owner of the kitchen in that first photo completed a complete house "makeover" while her husband was stationed overseas.  The kitchen, in particular, caught my eye. 

The concept of marble tiles above those stained wooden counters looks great!  And, the contrast between the white cabinets and dark wood floors is amazing.  From an aesthetic standpoint, it is spot on!  But, from a practical standpoint, I'm not so sure.  Hmmm???  The wood on the center island looks fantastic, but is wood beside the sink and the stove a good choice?  With my OCD tendencies, keeping those counters "picture perfect" would drive me to drink.  Oh... who am I kidding... drink more, perhaps.  Ha!  What are some other options?

What about subway tile?

I  have a slight infatuation with subway tile, and this kitchen is GRRRRREAT.  But, it is also enormous!  Check out the double door fridge and the size of that island.  With miles of marble and a pot filler, they certainly spared no expense.  Though I personally like this design, that kitchen is not the best idea for a chic farmhouse.  This looks like it belongs in the Hamptons and not the rural south. 

Not to be discouraged......... glass tile, peut-être?

Forget the color, look at the concept.  White cabinets, stainless steel, traditional cabinets... it might work.  Glass tile does come in a myriad of color choices.

"Trumpet" glass tile from Anchor Bay Tile

Somehow, the idea of glass tile backsplash in a farmhouse that is 145 years old seems..... well... just a tad.... OFF!

Where's GOOGLE? 

Oh, wait!!!!  What about THIS????????????   Please cue angels singing in the background.  ♫

photos via Southern Living

This IS absolutely spectacular... tasteful, simple, and speaks to the age of the home.  The recycled wood used as a backsplash is just the cat's meow.  The article states, "As for a backsplash, wooden plank walls -- instead of tile -- keep the style of the room seamless and add old-fashioned charm."  Amen!  Preach on, little decorator.

Check out the island in the second photo -- it is painted a few shades darker than the room.  That island looks appropriate and thoughtful.  And... guess what.... that butler's pantry has a wooden counter.  I knew that I liked Southern Living. 

Well, there are a few ideas to ponder.  Wonder what Suzi will choose?

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  1. I have no idea what to choose!! SO many choices, but I am LOVING the wood planks!!! I knew I asked the right person to help me figure all this out! You are the best!!!