Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Food Network laugh

I laughed out loud last night. 
The running joke at the office is that Sandra Lee drives me crazy.  Giving her credit, she has some good ideas and is most certainly a “rags to riches” story.  But, if I hear about one more use for ranch dressing mix, I might vomit.  Those damn tablescapes make me cringe.  And, why does she always match the room???????
As evidence for the jury:

Just say NO!
Back to the point... I was flipping through magazines and who should be on the cover of Elle Décor this month?  And, what did she do?  As par for the screwed-up course, Sandra has color coordinated herself with the room.  Oh, sweet Jesus!

The article is great and the house looks wonderful.  But… thou shalt NOT dress in a manner which allows you to match the room’s interior.

Take a clue from some of the other Food Network chefs; they don’t match their sets.  You, Sandra, shouldn’t either.  "Matchy matchy" is not charming and clever... it looks downright foolish!

Tyler Florence

Ina Garten

Bobby Flay

For a little clarity on this "matching" subject, allow me to pose the question: WWMSD? What Would Martha Stewart DO?

Thank you,  your honor.  I rest my case!

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