Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"the youngest professional painter in the world"

Several internet sites have featured Aelita Andre this past week.  She is an absolutely amazing 5-year old.... artist!   She started painting at 9 months of age.  And, at the ripe ole age of five, she will be featured in a show at New York's Angora Gallery next month. 

Described by some as the next Jackson Pollock or Picasso, she posesses such a lovely talent that some of her works have already sold for $30,000.

Her style is "abstract expressionism" mixed with a "surreal perspective."  And... did I mention that she is only FIVE years old????    Jeeeez!  At that age, I was still trying to tie my shoelaces. 

Aelita is, indeed, an Australian painting prodigy.  

She proves the point:  Talent..... is AGELESS! 

G'day, Aelita.  And, much success to you in your future. 

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