Wednesday, March 7, 2012

...not just for chickens

Chicken wire....not just for chickens, anymore!
Chicken coop

Chicken wire, or poultry netting, has been around for a long time.  In fact, it was invented in 1844 by Geoffrey Chaucer.... a little random Wednesday trivia courtesy of Wikipedia.  And, while netting does serve a functional purpose for housing chickens, there are some other uses with a tad more aesthetic appeal.  (No offense to the farmers out there...)

Wire mesh inserts have been used in cabinet doors for centuries.  They've made a big comeback in the antique world, and here are a few examples from the online dealer, 1stdibs. 

Circa 1820-1840s with original chicken wire

Circa 1720, France. 
Both available:

Unfortunately, the antique world can set some incredible prices on their furniture.  The 1720's cabinet, for instance, has a suggested retail of over $35,000.   So, how about a few examples that might be more budget friendly?

Cabinets can be repurposed.  Remove the door inserts and insert chicken wire for a little funky flair.

Same idea is seen in this kitchen cabinet featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

True confession... I really HATE this room, but the idea of the chicken wire in that vintage and very fussy armoire is fun. 

And, a great idea for doors for the bar... check out the bottle of Maker's Mark.  I knew that they had good taste. 

Though this photo doesn't do it justice, the upper cabinets in this kitchen remodel have chicken wire...proving you don't need to be in love with French country style to appreciate it.

This room may look a bit "staged" for some folks, but the chicken wire inserts in those cabinets look amazing. 

But, if you aren't ready to grab the jig saw, staple gun, and a roll of chicken wire from your local hardware store, these might be just the trick...

Chicken wire around bottles.  My friend, Josie, gave me a set similar to this for Christmas or my birthday.  Great way to display single flower blooms.

This is my chicken wire "bud vase."  I keep it on the ottoman in the sunroom.  Sometimes, it might be missing the flowers... shhh!  Don't tell anyone.

Bill Mitchell's recycled light fixture featuring chicken wire, motorcycle wheel cap, and Eastern Red Cedar wood.  Was featured in Green Home Chicago, recently.

This drum shade is sexy, fun, and unexpected.  Would look wonderful in a loft space or in a modern kitchen above a long island.

Why not use it as a side table???
Also available at: ABC Carpet and Home, NYC

When all else fails.... take inspiration from Ivan Lovatt.  He made a chicken statue out of chicken wire!

This made me laugh out loud.  The irony... a discussion about the artful use of chicken wire, and Ivan Lovatt made a sculpture combining Andy Warhol (made from chicken netting) and his iconic painting of a Cambell's soup can.  You just can't make this stuff up...

One final example..... and one of my absolute favorite things!  (I feel like Oprah.)  Chicken wire encased in acrylic.  About a year ago, I saw this tray in BD Jeffries in Charlotte  (  Since that time, they have become much easier to find and they make great gifts.  I've given several away to friends who would appreciate their humor.  Some of the best deals on these trays are from 7th Floor Barneys, New York... you have to call; they are not on the website.  The one pictured is from:

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