Saturday, March 24, 2012

It ain't easy being green.

"It ain't easy being green."
Martyn Lawrence Bullard fabrics for Schumacher

Seems like every magazine and catalog for the past couple of months has had one thing in common..... GREEN!

Why green????  Well... it DOES symbolize spring and these editors are trying to sell their products. 

Mae West is credited with the quote: "Too much of a good thing can be....wonderful!"   But, in the case of green, I might choose to disagree.

Green IS a great color (and one of my favorites, by the way).  But, a little goes a long way.  The key is to use it conservatively.... otherwise it becomes kitsch.

A smidge too much green, perhaps.  But, it IS balanced by all of that white and great natural light.
House Beautiful

They like green... they really like it.  Oy!  Fortunately, the island could be repainted and the ceiling wallpaper can be changed when their love affair with celadon green ends.  Green divorce?
House Beautiful

Oh, sweet Jesus!  Now that is just a hot green mess.  Why on earth would someone use THAT much green in any room... much less in a kitchen where the cabinets are one of the most expensive investments during a remodel??????

Let’s consider the 70s.  Who the hell would have ever thought that orange appliances were a smart move?  In retrospect... no one.  So, why invest in expensive green appliances or cabinets?  Bad idea.

So, how about some good ideas?

What about a green sofa?????  Leather, maybe?
Atelier chesterfield in bottle green by Anthropologie.... Lord knows, I do love tufted furniture.

Ok... a green leather sofa might be an expensive investment.  So, what about something a little cheaper?   A rug.
That could be amazing in a sunroom or dining room.
Still want something a bit cheaper?  How about some paint?
This room is a little junky for my taste...I couldn't resist.  Minimalist with color.
(Sorry.  No idea where I found that photo.)

That's ONE way to get the neighbors' attention!
Not sold on the idea of green walls?   What about an accent piece...... 
LA condo by Martyn Lawrence Bullard... check out the green tufted bench/chaise near the windows.

Adore, adore, adore those green velvet slipper chairs in Aerin Lauder's Wainscott's home in the Hamptons.  Photos from
Maybe another idea.  Throw pillows or bed linens.... notice that I didn't say "cheaper idea!"
Pillows, in both photos, by Madeline Weinrib for ABC Carpet and Home, NYC

Not feeling it... well maybe something for the kitchen.
Le Creuset cast iron dutch oven in fennel.
Use green sparingly and you house will just look fashionable... and not overdone.   

"It ain't easy being green."  Thanks, Kermit.


  1. Where were you when I purchased my carpet? I adore the dill green springwood carpet by Martha Stewart that I had installed. However it IS TOO MUCH GREEN! I am on my way to purchase an area rug and some pillows to lighten the green affect. Love your post!


  2. Hi!

    Your site is beautiful! Just one thing...that amazing couch up there at the top, it's actually from Flemming and Howling ( is beautiful, but man! These people make nice couches.

    Just and FYI in case you want to buy one.