Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jeff Leatham

Every profession has a rock star!
Jeff Leatham

Assume that money is no object....who you gonna call?

For party planning, call the authority, Colin Cowie.  For starting charitable foundations, call Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates.  For the perfect tuxedo, call designer and film maker, Tom Ford, or the world renowned, Mr. Georgio Armani.  For the spot-on bachelor pad décor, call Oprah’s favorite, Nate Nate of Nate Berkus Associates.  For visual merchandising, call Hallmark’s guru, David Jimenez.  For investment concerns, call Berkshire Hathaway’s, Warren Buffet.  For culinary assistance, call Omnimedia Living’s, Martha Stewart.  For plastic surgery needs, call me.  (Only kidding on the last one….just wanted to see if you were reading.  Ha!)  And, for floral arrangements, call THE superstar, Jeff Leatham.

I am definitely my mother's son; there must be some genetic love of flowers.   If I’m tired and stressed, my usual respite from the world is the garden store.  Despite my admiration of all things that bloom, my introduction to the majesty of Jeff Leatham’s designs wasn’t until last year. 
May 2011…. drinks at The Four Seasons George V…. Paris, France.   And… Oh-my-God… who did the flowers????

Arrangement from floral designer, Jeff Leatham, and my buddy, Josie Bowen, at the George V, Paris

Fortunately, Google to the rescue.   Jeff Leatham!
His gravity defying arrangements are simply breathtaking in person.  Because of his elaborate and unforgettable "floral groupings," he is the artistic director for the Four Seasons Hotel Chain and has worked for an impressive list of celebrities.  And, as you might imagine, amazing ain't cheap.  For instance, Chelsea Clinton, yes Bill’s daughter, hired Leatham for her wedding and the flower budget was a whopping $250,000! 
Flowers for Chelsea Clinton's wedding

Leatham’s designs are interesting in their simplicity.  Huge groups of the same flower done in multiple vases -- a classic repeating element.
Leatham design for TLC's Flowers Uncut

And, because of that 'repeating element' idea, they are fairly easy to replicate.  In her blog, "SIMPLE DIRT, the observations of a landscape designer," Deborah Silver used red eucalyptus in this Jeff Leatham inspired winter garden display.
If trying to replicate this idea at home: one “gravity defying” arrangement on the center of the table might look like you’ve been smoking crack.   However, multiple similar arrangements will look… purposeful, thoughtful, and spectacular.
My friend, Cathy, also loves his work.  Fortunately, he has authored a couple of books, and we were able to find them at  

An interview with this creative Utah native can be found on the Channel Guide.
Sitting beside Latham designed peonies.  How did they know that peonies are my favorite?
Hmmmm... anyone up for a trip to the City of Lights?


  1. Love the tall vases. Simple is elegant in many of these pictures!

    1. Completely agree. Glad that Jeff has gotten some press, lately. Simply amazing! Two enthusiastic thumbs up.