Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Time

"Now, its almost time for....the Easter Bunny"
Clairee from Steel Magnolias

Just a little reminder.... in about a week, it will be EASTER! 

Easter is such a great holiday, might as well have some fun with it.  Why not?  Everyone expects the traditional dyed eggs, jelly beans, and chocolate bunnies.  Woo hoo.... not very exciting or inspired!  How about a few updated ideas?

Peeps.  Ok, these little marshmallow treats are like cilantro.... loved by some and hated by others.  Personally, I think that they are a little kitsch and taste like road kill (sorry, Cathy).  But, even Peeps can have their place in Easter decor.

Peeps, jelly beans, and flowers.
Now, that's what I'm talking about... Peeps with panache.  If you look closely at the photo, the water line only comes up to the bottom of those little pink Peeps; otherwise, you might be creating a Peep-powered flower flotation-device.  Just sayin'.

Chocolate chicks and bunnies are tasty, but generally NOT very exciting.  These from Dean and Deluca, however, have that little edge of flamboyance and silliness which make them fun.  Perfect for an Easter basket or party favor.  

And, a new trend... faux chocolate Easter bunnies.  Now, THAT'S a clever idea.  Calorie free and they'll last season after season.  Great on a mantle, side table, buffet, or for a center piece.  But... finding them right now is a chore.  Fortunately, Martha Stewart to the rescue.
Arts and crafts... Martha style.  Full instructions and video are on her website.  Nevertheless, I'm still going to look for them online and forego the sandpaper, primer, paint, and clothespins.

Easter eggs.   From the eco-friendly to the faux, here are some interesting ideas for les œufs:
These eggs are dyed with cranberry juice, beet juice, grape juice, and tumeric with vinegar.  Eco-friendly, indeed.

Wooden Easter eggs from Apple n Amos.  Hopefully, they were created from sustainably harvested trees or recycled lumber!  (tee hee)

Alabaster eggs from Williams Sonoma.  I gave some of these alabaster eggs to a friend a few years ago for Easter.  They are beautiful, colorful, and fairly indestructible.  Hmmm... think that I might buy some for myself.

Egg shaped votive holders from Pottery Barn.  A little bling never hurts...

For those of you with waaaaaaaaay more time than good sense... an outdoor Easter egg tree.  According to the link above, there are in excess of 9500 eggs on that tree.  Holy crap!

Changing subjects, slightly.... food!  No reason that food needs to be boring.  Easter is, why not play with your food?
Raspberry lemon cake from the Food Network.

If you don't want to make your own cake, then you can most certainly buy one.  How about the "Perfect Endings Easter Egg Cake" from Williams Sonoma?  Not so sure that I want red velvet cake for Easter, but it is a lovely little confection.

Currently, cake pops are all the rage.  So... chicken Easter cake pops, anyone???  A great way to display them would be in a (lined) terra-cotta pot filled with dyed granulated sugar. 

Cupcake toppers... I think that these are just delightful!

And, last, but certainly not least... don't forget the Easter basket!  Buy one or make one... just don't forget it.
Beautiful baskets can be found at Dean & Deluca and from other sources like A Southern Season and Gourmet Gift Baskets. 

If you don't want to buy one, then you can simply make your own.  I created this one for my 70ish year old mother.  Yes, it was a tad silly!  But... whaccha goin' do?  The basket and the treats were all from the Fresh Market.

So, since Easter is almost here... hop to it!  (Ok, I know... that was awful.... HA.)


  1. I love Easter! The bunny still comes to our house even though the girls have moved on. The Pottery Barn eggs are not as pretty in person as they are in your picture.

  2. Looove the idea of keeping traditions alive and well. Sorry that the PB eggs are not as lovely in person. Thanks for letting me know!