Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dear Restoration Hardware,

Dear Restoration Hardware,
What the hell are you thinking?
The RH Spring 2012 Deconstructed Collection

First, a disclaimer.  I love Restoration Hardware… but some of your recent product choices are making me question my allegiance. 
Case in point:  The deconstructed collection?  Really?????????   This product line sooooo taste specific that I predict that it will certainly NOT be a best seller.  And, other retailers, like Anthropologie and ABC Carpet & Home, have been selling this stuff for years.  Of all of the crazy products to promote, why why why choose the deconstructed line?  I’m confused.
And, other recent choices are equally troubling. 
Last year, you mailed out a 900 plus page Resource Catalog.  I am afraid to ask how much that cost to produce and mail.  But, it probably explains why you have been trying to sell tufted leather sofas for $12,000.
Kensington leather sofa in vintage cigar.  Price $12,095 (plus shipping and handling)

A couple of years ago, you changed all of the stores to THE Gallery Style.  And, while the charcoal grey walls and sparse decorations are certainly sexy, you lost half of your product retail space.  Furthermore, everything had to be ordered and you didn’t help out with the shipping charges.  Sometimes, it is fun to walk into a store, purchase something, and walk out the door with it.  (Just a suggestion!)
the Gallery style store in LA
Example of the RH's "Room Gallery"
There are some things which you do well.  No, great!   The Martine dining chairs are amazing… I own them and love them!
Martine Dining chairs
Your lamps are magnificent. 
Crystal Banister table lamp... and what a great idea, they were photographed in a room that people can recognize.
The bleached/distressed wood collections are hard for the average person to use.  It shouldn’t take a degree in Interior Design in order to mix and match your products.  The collected look is in…. not the “I have a dining room from page 382 and a living room from page 206 of the Restoration Hardware catalog.”
 Gun barrel salvaged wood collection
Camelback sofa collection

Why not stage more rooms like this one?
Trestle salvaged wood collection library cabinet

And less like this..... just how many people do you know who have monochromatic dining rooms with huge stone fireplaces?
Trestle salvaged wood dining room collection

Take a bit of advice from Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs.  They have recently started including paint color swatches on their pages and links for tchotchkes to compliment the look (Benjamin Moore paints and, respectively).  It helps people to see how their products could work in their own homes.
Though I think that the deconstructed look is an expensive misstep, credit must be given for the new "Big Style, Small Spaces" product line.  Simply fantastic!

Ok, I’ll step off of my frustrated soap box.  But, please, stick to great products, classic pieces, and that occasional quirky object.  

A devoted fan.... for now.


  1. I'm thinking about the crystal table lamp and one of the crystal and metal floor lamps, that'll set me back. It'll be my first purchase at RH, and I absolutely LOVE those pieces. Though as you point out, it'll be essential that that mix with my other things (including the Ballard standby). I enjoyed your post!

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